Trademark protection, branding, certification and the organisation

MINERGIE® is a registered brand and therefore enjoys strong protection. The MINERGIE® brand may only be used for buildings that actually meet the MINERGIE® standard. Apart from buildings, products and services can conform also to MINERGIE® standards. The same applies to building modules such as systems, components and materials. MINERGIE®, or rather the AMI (the MINERGIE® Association), is organised as an association and is registered in the Swiss Trade Register. A board of 8 public figures and a president oversee the two operative directors of marketing and technology in their activities in Switzerland and abroad.

International activities

MINERGIE® is a truly user oriented brand AND a very successful business model. This is exemplified by a high degree of market penetration and outstanding market shares. Little wonder, that much interest is generated throughout the world.
MINERGIE® is basically a private non-profit organisation. It is financed by its members, its services (certification, education and information programs, consulting and coaching) and its sponsors (companies of the Swiss construction industry, investors and different levels of government. For these reasons all international activities must be financed in the pertinent markets.
To achieve this MINERGIE® has developed a franchising concept. It will allow a franchisee a very fast start in establishing a professional information, training and certification centre at moderate start-up and operating costs. This concept addresses the segment of regional or provincial organizations with sound ties to the local government and a reliable financial base. Core markets are France, Italy and Germany and the USA. Other markets, specifically in fast growing economies are also of great interest in the coming years. The provision of detailed market information (questionnaires) are a prerequisite to start a dialogue in this matter.